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Hello lovelies ! French version below A  few days ago, I went to Crete for a pretty little trip with friends. I needed to take a break. We went to a particularly special host, Stelios and her family, always good advice to visit the area and find the right places.Crete is a country where life is good, the Cretans are really warm. We had enjoyable moments among them. .. Thanks to our host Stelios, we realized a mini-tour of Crete ??, more precisely of the region of Tsivaras. He took us to places that no

Hello Lovelies ! French version below  Love of good food, pleasant hum cute sin. Yesterday was a beautiful and sunny day, so I took the opportunity to walk in Paris with my Sista Islands, the article on our walk in the garden of Luxembourg is here. Naturally, we went to our favourite neighbourhood, that is to say, the Marais district. Then guided by our steps, as a habit, we headed for Marlette. It's early, and we were the only ones. Thank you for the beautiful month of August. We had a lovely little

Hello lovelies ! French version below I'm so happy to be in Paris in August! The best month to walk around and visit Paris :). Oh my god, Paris is beautiful and pretty in August. When Parisians are on vacation and tourists are much less numerous. There is something exceptional in this city. ? .. Here is an empty Paris. Paris just for us, where we can enjoy the tranquillity of the streets and green spaces. Today, I take you with me to see the Luxembourg Garden. I really like the idea of ​​feeling that

Hello sweety, French version below When I started my activity, I wanted to do everything safely. I wanted to take no risks that could lead to failure. Then I realized that life was made of risk. My entourage encouraged me to make my dreams of notebooks a reality. And that would require risks. . The further I went in my project, the more I felt inspired to create the atmosphere of my blog and services that will look like me, simple and authentic. It is important to understand that this did not come naturally, it came with

   French version below Hey Sunshine! ♡   Hello Sunshine and have a good weekend! As promised, here is the second article about our stay in Venice. I am so happy to have had such a good time in Venice. <3 No filter, take with Iphone We were a few days in Venice, we had already written an article about our stay here, and today I'm going to tell you about the fabulous human and artistic experience that we have the chance to go to Venice. It's with Giorgio, Frederico and Isabella, and Massimiliano that we were able to

French version below Hello and good weekend! Have you been able to take some rest last weekend? I always understand that the little things in life are very important to me. So I made the decision to share with you my cosy moments. So I made the decision to share with you my cosy moments. And perhaps we will be able to discuss these moments where we like to be comfortable, these moments of happiness and enjoyment.It's also adorable to be interpersonal. To enjoy the time spend with myself or with few people.

   French version below Hey guys! ♡ This is a throwback to Venecia, and of course, I want to share this travel with you :). Venice the mysterious, one of those lovely cities, which always amazes. Today I wanted to share with you our trip to Venice and Burano. It's so good to live, to lose, or I'm basically fed art and authentic experience. All are universally inspired. It was so nice and so beautiful. Italian restaurant, the Teamo Winebar (http://www.teamowinebar.com/) Murano A wonderful holiday where I am let go of the loss. Where

Hello guys,French version below I wanted to share with you something, when I started as freelance, procrastination (same as putting things off!) came to point the tip of his nose. Certainly, because too many ideas came to my mind and no time was open to me. I could not calm my temper; I wanted to do everything at the same time. After reading articles on the subject, I realized that rest was much more than just a break. This was necessary in my mind. And I need it more often than I

French version below Hello world! I hope you are well. My last days have been terribly busy, there is so much work to do. As the title indicated on the header of the post, I am starting my activity as a freelancer. As the title indicated on the header of the post, I am starting my activity as a freelance. After months of work, reflection in addition to my full-time job, I am delighted to take this new life! Many ideas in mind, doubts, and fears in my stomach, but a growing