Social Media Photoshoot & Brand Content Strategy

Visual Storytelling | Photo

Creating photography for your brand, facility that will capture the essence of your story and captivate your target audience. Appealing to the senses through visual storytelling and digital experience. Let’s create moments, messages.

As creative director, I take charge of every step, from photography to editing. I transform photographs into visual storytelling.

Visual Storytelling | Video

Have beautiful, inspiring videos with your brand aesthetic that will inspire your ideal customer. Capturing the essence, conveying your message and your story.

As a creative director, I create original content and draw inspiration from the beauty and authenticity of unique moments. I take care of every step, from videography to editing. I create short videos, 15s, 30s to 1 min in visual storytelling.

Social Media content creator

Social Media manager & Content Strategy

After creating all of the visuals, I will produce a document from the organisation of all the content to the scheduling of the posts and IG Stories. The essence, design and aesthetics will showcase your brand. I organise effective sessions in which I will highlight the aesthetics of your establishment.

Content strategy is important, I will analyse the brand’s/institution’s social networks and develop a strategy that will optimise its use.

You will save time by programming and above all have social networks that reflect your values, the elegance of your brand.