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Consultant Social Brand Content Strategy - Film & Photography

Designed Social Media For Hospitality

Your story is unique. It deserves more.

In collaboration with you, I produced an overall content and digital brand content strategy tailored to elevating your hotel as an affordable brand. The key aim is to increase brand awareness across social media – looking at the bigger picture and how the production of mesmerising content feeds into an overall wider marketing strategy.

Let’s start to create your story and collaborate together. Make a connexion: littlethingscreate@gmail.com

30 seconds | That’s all you need to showcase your hotel.

That’s what video can do for you, give your guests an outtake of the unique experience you offer.

Seduce your target traveller by creating an inspiring visual and editorial strategy: Branding, Content production, Musical identity, Video marketing, I create all them for you.

We will collaborate to increase your notoriety on social media by building loyalty in your community & create advertisements to reach a qualified audience.


Brand strategist and communication specialist, Create visuals that convert. I’m create images that tell your story, to ensure a cohesive communication in line with your values and brand image specialized in video, photography and  visual content for social media. 

I collaborate with hospitality, lifestyle and food to tell their stories through unique and inspiring visual content.