April 2020

Ah, write. Despite my dyslexia, I always wanted to write, as far as I can remember. My father still has tons of notebooks where I scribbled stories, newspapers where I narrated my days, shared my thoughts, left traces of my emotions on paper. I find that writing can be worth a thousand images, just like photography can be worth a thousand words. My teachers loved the way I told stories, I always had good marks in written expression.

It seems like I hear the term "Content Creator" all over the place recently, and it made me think about how the world, especially now, and in particular the digital world, has developed. As an avowed addict of social media, Instagram and Pinterest (I'm not the only one here - who's with me ?!) which has pros and cons. Pinterest is a killer to give me travel inspiration. Before knowing it, I created a painting, pinned 1000 inspiration plans and reserved a plane ticket. Sorry, not Sorry.⁠