Travel Stories

Ah, write. Despite my dyslexia, I always wanted to write, as far as I can remember. My father still has tons of notebooks where I scribbled stories, newspapers where I narrated my days, shared my thoughts, left traces of my emotions on paper. I find that writing can be worth a thousand images, just like photography can be worth a thousand words. My teachers loved the way I told stories, I always had good marks in written expression.

It seems like I hear the term "Content Creator" all over the place recently, and it made me think about how the world, especially now, and in particular the digital world, has developed. As an avowed addict of social media, Instagram and Pinterest (I'm not the only one here - who's with me ?!) which has pros and cons. Pinterest is a killer to give me travel inspiration. Before knowing it, I created a painting, pinned 1000 inspiration plans and reserved a plane ticket. Sorry, not Sorry.⁠

It is time that I speak of Little Things Create more exactly "Little Things Create and Big Difference"! For those of you who may not know the origins of Little Things Create, a little over 8 months ago, I started a new chapter by quitting my job to start an entrepreneurial life, it was a decision that was about to overturn my world.⁠

I am happy to share my day with you in Paris. A romantic stroll on the Pont des Arts in Paris. This legendary bridge where tourists from around the world come together to celebrate their love, known worldwide for being the bridge of lovers. This bridge which tells thousands of stories and makes it live today. I hope you enjoy this trip through Paris as much as I enjoyed it. Let's go!

Today, I share with you my vision of slow travel. It is the art of taking your time, leaving room for chance and the unknown, far from all organized, mapped out routes. A way of saying "look, everything is in front of you, go ahead and let the magic come to you". It is also for this reason that my blog is in travel story format that will hopefully make you want to go explore the world. My best advice, don't forget to lose yourself.

Hello from Montmartre! Early this morning, Laura and I went to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart to admire the sunrise over all of Paris. Despite the small winter winds, we were able to enjoy the calm that prevailed before the arrival of the tourist crowd, we had a lot of fun.

A few days ago, we finally went to the heart of Paris, the weather was beautiful. It was the perfect time to come and see Paris! We arrived quite late in Paris, because we had a shoot before, so we couldn't do much. Then we had a little snack, it was time to fill our stomachs.

In the beginning, when I started my blog in July, I felt the need to share with you my passion for hotels. Having worked 5 years in Luxury Hotels, I learned the art of hotel living. Then my studies, in communication and graphic design helped me, even more, to appreciate my travelling in beautiful places or atypical places. Every travel story begins with a hotel. What do you think?

Writing about my achievements, struggles, goals and positive thinking. This is a recap 2019, goals 2020! that amazing when you see how you can do in one years. I share my travel travel picture, and my freelance work project.

Paris is all lit up for the occasion, and I admit that I love the Christmas decorations. When i was a child with my father, we used to go every year to see the Christmas windows at Galeries Lafayette. The scenes depicted in the windows are still just as magical.