February 2020

Confidence <3. Here is my first article on positive thinking. I wanted to share with you my greatest fear. Fear of success. For the past 6 months, I have left my CDI 9-5 to start freelancing and live my passion by collaborating with brands that I like. Sell ​​my services. Write a book. For a few weeks, days, months, I have been sabotaging myself, I am afraid of succeeding.

Today, I share with you my vision of slow travel. It is the art of taking your time, leaving room for chance and the unknown, far from all organized, mapped out routes. A way of saying "look, everything is in front of you, go ahead and let the magic come to you". It is also for this reason that my blog is in travel story format that will hopefully make you want to go explore the world. My best advice, don't forget to lose yourself.

Hello from Montmartre! Early this morning, Laura and I went to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart to admire the sunrise over all of Paris. Despite the small winter winds, we were able to enjoy the calm that prevailed before the arrival of the tourist crowd, we had a lot of fun.

I'm happy to share with you my favourite apps for creating quality content. It is essential in my work to know how to handle emotional design correctly to best convey the stories of the places visited. Last week, I made a prominent announcement on my IG, but I still haven't posted anything here, so I thought I would make you discover this adventure with you! If you missed my ad from last week on my stories and the video, you could see it here :)