It is time that I speak of Little Things Create more exactly "Little Things Create and Big Difference"! For those of you who may not know the origins of Little Things Create, a little over 8 months ago, I started a new chapter by quitting my job to start an entrepreneurial life, it was a decision that was about to overturn my world.⁠

After my first week of confinement, I recently thought a lot about how we document our daily lives. As creative people, our job is our passion, which means that even when I'm not outside, and I'm not filming for clients, I'm still drawn, use my Fuji camera & my DJI osmo pocket , writing book, creative thinking during my free time… So, I take you with me, to live a day by my side, a day in the shoes of a Conntent Creator and a Community Manager. Let's go!⁠

I am happy to share my day with you in Paris. A romantic stroll on the Pont des Arts in Paris. This legendary bridge where tourists from around the world come together to celebrate their love, known worldwide for being the bridge of lovers. This bridge which tells thousands of stories and makes it live today. I hope you enjoy this trip through Paris as much as I enjoyed it. Let's go!

Confidence <3. Here is my first article on positive thinking. I wanted to share with you my greatest fear. Fear of success. For the past 6 months, I have left my CDI 9-5 to start freelancing and live my passion by collaborating with brands that I like. Sell ​​my services. Write a book. For a few weeks, days, months, I have been sabotaging myself, I am afraid of succeeding.

Today, I share with you my vision of slow travel. It is the art of taking your time, leaving room for chance and the unknown, far from all organized, mapped out routes. A way of saying "look, everything is in front of you, go ahead and let the magic come to you". It is also for this reason that my blog is in travel story format that will hopefully make you want to go explore the world. My best advice, don't forget to lose yourself.